BIOL 220

Anatomy & Physiology 1

  • GO TO BLACKBOARD for your class to:
    • Take lecture exams.
    • To access Blackboard Collaborative to watch the Lecture and Lab discussion remotely if you are not attending in person.

    • Print PDFs of the Lecture and Lab handouts.
    • Watch YouTube videos of the Lectures & Lab material.

    • ​Watch the lecture video BEFORE you attend lecture in person (or watch the lecture discussion via Blackboard Collaborative) to get the most out of it.  Your regular lecture time will be spent going over the more difficult material, providing more examples, discussing how to study certain topics, doing a few practice questions, and answering questions.  

  • LAB:
    • ​Watch the lab video BEFORE you attend lab in person.  Due to COVID-19, Lab groups are maxed out at 12 students and this means you will be attending lab in Group A or Group B.  This will be explained in greater detail on the first day of class.  Stay in your assigned group.
    • PRINT the LAB PDF and take notes on it as you watch the Lab video.  Then bring that PDF to lab as you tour the same material in person.  This PDF is the minimum (and likely all you will need) to bring to lab.  It will be what you study from to prepare for a quiz on it at the beginning of the next lab.
    • With the exception of the first lab, lab mid-term, and lab final exams, each lab will begin with a 10 point quiz on the previous lab's material.  This will be followed by a 90 minute lab where you can see all the stuff you learned about in the lab video.  Think of it as an interactive museum tour of anatomy where you will look at slides, models, animal dissections, and even work on the two human cadavers in the back.
    • 4 people each lab will work on the cadavers for part of that 90 minutes with professor guidance.  A sign up sheet will be used.  You need to participate with 2 cadaver dissections before the semester is over.  PPE will be provided.

YouTube Videos of LAB:

YouTube Videos of Lecture Slides:

PDFs of Lecture Slides:

Dr. Aaron Ament

Instructor, Cadaver Lab Supervisor

Department of Biology

Minot State University

PDFs of LAB Handouts: